Entrance into the Void (Opening the Doorway)

by theqliphothicarchives

Because of many synchronicities involving myself and Haitian Vodou, I have taken an interest in Papa Legba, the guardian of the crossroads in Hatian Vodou. Yesterday I began staring at his vever, the traditional symbol that serves as a link with a specific Loa. After about thirty seconds my eyes unfocused and the vever seemed to morph. At that moment, something struck the apartment loudly, causing a bright flash in my window. I was startled, and can’t help but weave the event into a synchronicity chain, those currents of inbetweeness which propel the initiate beyond linear confinements. Magick is not a grotesquely oblique self-help strategy, but a deep penetration of the unknown into the unknown. Instead of rehashed Junganism, this seems like a taste of that old time occultism, where weird shit happens just from opening up a dusty antique book, where that “other” world impinges upon ours in ways that are not always “safe” and fanciful.

This evening I initiated a Vodou doll conjuration, with the help of Papa Legba. I feel as though this ritual served as a sort of ‘opening of the Vodoun doorway’, as it was the beginning of many Vodoun rituals to come. I must focus one conjuration at a time, however. Hopefully Mr. Legba enjoyed the taffy!

Grant assigns Legba to the 26th Path, which links Hod with Tiphareth, and whose Tarot card is the Devil, the road from Splendour to Beauty…