Nigredo/Mortificatio: The Decomposition of the Self Within the Qliphothic Convulsions of the Void

by theqliphothicarchives

“Our black earth is fertile earth”, an alchemical expression to express the transformation of death into new life, which is also clearly depicted in the thirteenth tarot card. The putrefaction is a necessary phase to start a new beginning. Life itself is a cycle of death and birth, ever creating new life, giving man the opportunity to work on himself and strife to improve his condition.

Blackness. Melanosis. Putrefaction. Chaos. Fire. Saturn. Death. Melancholia. Depression. Destruction. Prima Materia. Qliphoth. Shadow. Daemon. Transmutation. Raven’s Head  (‘Caput Corvi’). Beast. Ravens (Death Birds). Lion. Possession. Decapitation. Sacrifice. Nightmare. Massa Confusa. Pain. Devil. Dark Night of the Soul. Despair. Danse Macabre. Inverse Manifestation. Dreamless Sleep. Defamiliarization. Necromancy. Black Sun. Sol and Luna. Sulphur. Sacrophagi. Coffins. Cemetery. Irrationality. Meditation. Dissolution. Soul-less. Sorcery. Attainment. Magnum Opus. Opium. Heroin. Absinthe. Non-being. Silence.

“Black blacker than black.”