LAM, the Key, the Gateway

by theqliphothicarchives

“Entry may be affected by projecting consciousness through the eyes…”


This newly found obsession with eggs has brought me full circle to the beginning of my investigations into the Typhonian tradition, most specifically the extraterrestrial entity known as LAM, whom Crowley was said to have made contact with in 1919, during a transmission to Soror Tanith.

At sometime around 8:00 pm, I was meditating on the portrait of LAM, prompted by a dream I had of doing exactly that, when I decided to do some bibliomancy. That’s something I almost always do. After a magickal working of some sort, I start opening books up randomly because this seems to heighten the synchronicity chains that magick sets off.

About a week ago I had a very vivid dream in which I was walking through a forest and came across ruins from what looked like the Roman era – ruins of an arena or something like that.

Anyway, I came to a little shrine made from what looked like an old glass phone booth. At the center of the altar was an image of a red rose. I sat contemplating it, and it suddenly transformed into the face of LAM. Quickly I realized what was happening and I was sucked into the eyes. I found myself in a void darkness, and my sense of self was quickly slipping away. I realized that this is the place from which to launch into other dimensions. I said, “It is my will to voyage to the Mauve Zone.” LAM’s eyes opened up as if they were windows and I could see a frozen waste. I started to worry that I wasn’t really prepared for this, so I said, “It is my will to return,” and I was dropped off immediately into another dream.

However this all connects, I have interpreted this as a call to work with LAM.

He entered into the egg of LAM via negativa and came out Alil, a word that equals to 71 (the number of LAM) and means “the image of Nothingness and Silence.” The Hebrew word ALIL is an inversion of the Sanscrit word LILA, the play of forces that manifest objective reality.

The sound of LAM is the vibration associated with the Muladhara chakra. This is the home of the Kundalini which, when coiled at the base of the spine represents the universe in potential — seedform — and which, when it springs up through the top of the column (Kether) explodes into cosmic immensity, the fulfillment of all possibilities (all quantum universes) and therefore their absolute negation, which is Ain. LAM represents the regression back to the seed or egg, cosmic expansion through collapse…The Fool, the beginner on the path, bewildered and lost in infinity, is the same as the Universe card, the attainment and copletion of the cycle. The Path is the initiate, all along. The circle completes itself.

The atomic explosion is the shattering of the notion of objective reality through the influx of chaos from the quantum level. The force of chaos and total destruction — negation — is locked inside every atom. This is also the creative force, however, without which the appearance of a universe of “objects” would be impossible. The atomic explosion opens up – with its shattering of old belief systems (the simplicities of faith and the largely false “progress” of modernity which has left most of the world in dire poverty)- opens up a doorway to Universe B, the world of the Qliphoth. Since this happens as the logical result of scientific materialism, the doorway is that of Matter. Matter is expressed in the sephira of Malkuth. The qliphotic inversion of Malkuth is Lilith. In apocryphal Hebrew lore, when Lilith was cast out of Eden, she went into the Desert of Set and became the mother of abominations, of demons and vampires. Thus Lilith, as the crown of the Tree of Death, is the mother of the shells of the Qliphoth.

On the Dayside level of the picture we can see that the Sun is on the left side. The shadow of the atomic explosion in the desert of the first atomic testing site spreads across the landscape. All of this is encapsulated in the head of LAM, inside the egg of creation. The dualities of order and chaos, of being and non-being, are dissolved into naught within the egg, which is the universe waiting to be born. Simultaneously – outside of time – the universe is unborn, living and dead.